Sorry . . . Oldtime Lifting Is Gone

Yep, this website was purged from existence. Officially closed down. Terminated.

In many ways, OTL was my answer to the commercial hype and drug frenzy which adversely permeate the body-building world today. Through this digital resource, my goal was to promote honest and healthful training, the kind that was done by REAL he-men back in the day, such as John Grimek, Paul Anderson, Siegmund Klein, Steve Stanko, John Davis, Clarence Ross, Doug Hepburn, and Reg Park. Many of you appreciated that goal and offered me encouragement to pen my first training articles. Thank you.

Unfortunately, after just a few years of operation, circumstances dictate that I step away from OTL. Who knows what the future will bring, though. Perhaps in the days ahead something even better and more powerful will come along. I think it will.

Yours in "old-time" training success,