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Pfc. Ralph Cameron, former bodybuilding instructor at the North Fort Gym, Ft. Lewis, Washington. Photo taken at Muscle Beach, circa 1949.

There was a time when bodybuilders were brutally strong, healthy, and naturally developed. This was a time before the use of growth-enhancement drugs, before the advent of fancy training equipment, before the availability of food supplements, and before the vast majority of gym members trained with a puny and pathetic poundage. This was a time when REAL he-men dominated the physical culture scene. John Grimek, Siegmund Klein, Steve Stanko, John Davis, Clarence Ross, Doug Hepburn, and Reg Park were just a few of these mighty and powerful men.

Folks, we are talking about the Golden Age of Physical Culture, a period which stretched from the early 1920's up until the late 1950's. During this stretch of time, many of the best weight-lifting and bodybuilding methods ever devised were created. These training methods were used by some of the strongest and best built men in history, such as Bob Peoples, who deadlifted over 725 pounds at 189 pounds bodyweight, and Marvin Eder, who performed eight successive chins - with 200 pounds attached to his feet!

What were the secrets possessed by these old-time strongmen? How did they build so much muscle, strength, and power - all without modern day conveniences and trappings? You will discover the answers to these questions and more right here at oldtimelifting.com. Just be prepared to buy some new clothes soon. You will need them after learning from the strength masters of the past.

Oldtimelifting.com is for you if:

  • You are looking for new and better ways to improve and sustain your training progress;
  • You have the courage and determination to build your body to its full potential;
  • You are not afraid of obstacles or hard work;
  • You like the idea of making your own strength-training equipment;
  • You are an independent and critical thinker, not somebody who just follows the crowd;
  • You would like to learn how the strongest athletes of all time trained;
  • You favor functional strength and development over showy and useless muscles;
  • You want a bone-crushing grip, the neck strength of a raging bull, and a back built like a fortress;
  • You are interested in the Golden Age of strength, a time when muscles were built naturally, and with only basic equipment;
  • You want sound training advice from somebody who has personally experienced the struggles which you face;
  • You are fed up with the commercial hype and drug frenzy which surround the body-building world today.

How You Will Benefit

Whether your training focus is bodybuilding or an other field of strength, oldtimelifting.com will regularly provide you with:

  • Result-producing bodybuilding articles;
  • Invaluable "how-to" information for building custom and low-cost strength equipment;
  • Effective strategies for boosting your motivation, focus, and drive;
  • Useful information about old-time strongmen and how they trained;
  • Practical advice for overcoming training obstacles;
  • Forgotten training "secrets" from the Golden Age of physical culture;
  • Interesting tidbits from physical culture history;
  • Sound advice for effective home training.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make oldtimelifting.com the most reliable, most helpful, and most motivating bodybuilding resource on the web. Thank you for visiting oldtimelifting.com often, and please let us know your comments, suggestions, and questions. We look forward to growing this website with you.

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